There are three types of Boonzi licenses, each one aimed at different needs of usage.

1. Boonzi Premium license

Boonzi Premium is a service designed specifically so you and your family can manage your budget as a team. With the release of Boonzi Desktop (software for computers), Boonzi Mobile for smartphones and the native synchronization service, Boonzi Premium contains all the tools you need to make the best and most complete management of your financial life or if you wish, manage it as a family.


The price of a Boonzi Premium license  is 2€/month/profile in the Cloud.

2. Boonzi Desktop license

The Boonzi Desktop license includes 6 months of updates. If you want to continue receiving these updates after 6 months, you can subscribe to the Boonzi Premium service that will allow you to not only be entitled to all updates but also to access the synchronization service and our mobile app for iOS and Android.

You can renew your license by activating Boonzi Premium in “Configuration”> “Synchronize” and following the two steps indicated. At this stage the service is beta, so we are offering it for free for 6 months to all Boonzi clients.

Once completed, this service will have a monthly cost of €2, required for the service to exist and to help Boonzi evolve continuously.

3. Trial license

If you are not sure which license that works best for you, there’s nothing like trying! Boonzi’s trial license allows you to experience all the features (including Premium ones) without any limitations for 30 days. You can request your trial license in

4. Licença Boonzi Free


Boonzi Free, as the name implies, is the free version of a Boonzi license. If at the end of the 30 day of trial you consider yourself satisfied but still don’t feel ready to purchase a license, you can still use it with Boonzi Free, although some features will be limited and you will be shown ads from our partners.



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