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Boonzi changed the way I control my money. I'm much happier now.

Track your money. 
To the cent.

Easily analyze everything that happens to your money and find our exactly where to save.

    All expenses and income in all your bank accounts in one place.
    Do you know how much you spent last year on transportation? What about clothing? Learn about your family's spending habits in detail
    Charts by category and entity, expenses vs. income, change in balance, detailed maps: everything you need to never lose control of your money

Wiriting down all expenses one by one is a thing of the past

Boonzi allows bank statement importations in just a few seconds. In a safe way without ever requesting passwords. See how easy it is to import back statements in this video

  • 1. Copy: using your browser, enter your bank’s website and copy your statement
  • Import: on Boonzi click on “import”
  • Categorize: and it’s done! Boonzi recognizes your transactions and automatically assigns categories to the most frequent entities.

It’s time to build a better future

Prepare the coming months in advance. Build your plan and ensure that you can save enough money to take that dream vacation you deserve

  • Envision your future
    Find out today how much money you’re going to have a year from now
  • Save money effectively
    Set limits for your expenses and know exactly how much you’ll be able to save each month
  • Fulfill your goals
    Do you have a financial goal for the next 6 months? Build your plan and achieve your goal

Experimente gratuitamente por 30 dias. Ou para sempre

  • Uma licença para toda a família

    Uma licença não tem limite de utilizadores e pode ser instalada em três computadores.

  • Garantia de satisfação

    Se não ficar satisfeito no prazo máximo de 15 dias devolvemos-lhe o seu dinheiro na totalidade (exclui 4% de taxas de serviço).

  • Compatível com Windows e Mac

    O Boonzi corre em Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Server e XP e MacOS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, 10.5

  • Actualizações automáticas incluídas

    Todas as actualizações estão incluídas durante seis meses, sendo detectadas e descarregadas automaticamente pelo Boonzi.