You can easily migrate from other personal finance apps (or excel sheets) to Boonzi performing the following steps:

1. Export a CSV file (one for each bank account) from the other software with one transaction per line in the following format (the order of columns is optional): Date; Entity; Category: Sub-category; Amount

2. Make sure that the category and sub category are separated by: (colon) so that Boonzi recognizes what is the Category and what is the Subcategory.

3. On Boonzi, go to import (Transactions> Import), and choose “Import CSV file

4. Drag the CSV file to Boonzi

5. If the CSV file is correct, Boonzi will recognize transactions, but will need your help to correctly identify each of the 4 columns. Enter the date columns, entity, category and amount (see image below)

6. Click on Validate to confirm all data. Then click Save to complete the import.

Here’s how to configure the columns:


Boonzi will automatically create entities, new categories and sub-categories. If you find similar categories or entities on your current list, Boonzi will reuse the existing ones as long as the names are exactly the same. Here is an example of a correctly formatted .csv file:

22/10/2013; Entity; Category : Sub-category; -19.31€
22/10/2013; Entity; Category : Sub-category; -12.03€
23/10/2013; Entity; Category : Sub-category; -4€

Precautions and limitations:

  • Separate the category and sub-category with a colon: although already stated above, should be strengthened in the CSV file the category and sub-category need to be separated with a colon (:)
  • Do not import huge bank statements at once: if you have a lengthy bank statement the reading and interpretation of the CSV file may take some time.  Instead of importing a CSV file with many years of transactions, we recommend that you import that data 6 months of transactions at a time.
  • One CSV per each account: when you export the CSV files from the other personal finance software / Excel, make sure that it creates at least one CSV file for each account, so that the transactions in Boonzi remain grouped in the correct account.
  • A category / sub-category per transaction: if when you used the other software you had also used multiple categories per transaction, you will lose them.
  • Do not forget transfers between accounts: in the final step (categorize) be sure to manually specify which transactions relate to transfers between accounts. We also recommend that you create all accounts prior to importing.


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