If you protected your Boonzi profile with a password and have lost or forgotten it unfortunately you will not be able to recover it.

Make sure therefore that you store your password in a safe place where you cannot forget it. As your data is stored on your computer, if it was possible to recover the password, your data would never be completely safe. Profiles with passwords are encrypted with AES-CCM, a bank security level, that is stored on the local computer and not on our servers for reasons of confidentiality.

Unfortunately, there is no technical solution which can recover passwords in locally encrypted files – if so, this encryption would be unsafe. Basically, it is the same that happens when you set a password for Windows: it’s stored and encrypted locally so no one has access to it, and if you lose it you won’t have a way of recovering it.

(Note: by password, we mean the password you set to access your profile, and not the license to activate Boonzi. This one we can send you whenever you need.!)


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