In order to manage your household budget as a whole, simply that all use the same license and the same profile file on all computers and / or devices where you installed Boonzi.

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There are two types of services:

  1. The Boonzi Premium service was designed with this kind of family budget management in mind and enables synchronization between up to 10 computers and/or smartphones.If one or more members of your household uses a smartphone, we recommend the Boonzi Premium service for managing your family budget, since this includes our application for mobile phones (Boonzi Mobile), and its native synchronization service (Boonzi Cloud ).This way, even those daily small cash expenses can be controlled. In order to do this all you need to do is to register each cash expense on your Boonzi Mobile app and synchronize. Seconds later, those transactions will appear on all computers and devices that are using the same license.
  2. If you choose Boonzi Desktop and need to synchronzize your data between computers you can use another cloud service such as Google Drive (since Boonzi Cloud is a Boonzi Premium feature) although it’s not the most advisable solution (learn why here).

The Boonzi service we recommend for family budget management as a team

The ideal way is to manage your budget with the your family’s contribution is with the Boonzi Premium service – which we designed specifically so you can manage your budget as a team, both on the computer and on your phone.
With Premium Boonzi all data from all family members are in sync on all your computers and mobile phones.

All the tools that will help you transform your budget management task into team work are included in the Boonzi Premium service.


How does Boonzi Premium work?

With the same license you and your family can install Boonzi Desktop and Boonzi Mobile on multiple computers and mobile devices (up to 10).

  1. Create a profile to share among all
  2. Whenever someone registers transactions on a smartphone and syncs with Boonzi Cloud, these transactions will appear on all other computers and devices where Boonzi was installed with the same license.
  3. This way, your family’s accounts are always in order and under control! This service is still in beta which is why we are offering it for 6 months to all our clients. To activate your free Boonzi Premium go to Boonzi > Configuration > Synchronize

With the Universe Boonzi achieve financial stability it is accessible to anyone

With this new app for smartphones, family budget management can now be made from any location or even as a “team.” Boonzi Mobile allows you to use your smartphone to register expenses on the go, synchronizing them with all the family’s computers and smartphones with the Boonzi Cloud. This integration allows the household to control their financial health in real time.

Put your whole family to work on the household budget as a team!


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