In short: no. Solutions like Dropbox are fantastic to synchronize files, but they have several disadvantages when it comes to synchronizing data:

  • With Dropbox and other clouds, you cannot have your Boonzi profile open on several computers simultaneously – every time you sync the data file, you need to close Boonzi on a computer and then open it on another to see the updates. On the other hand, Boonzi Premium is designed to be able to have open Boonzi on multiple computers and devices without having to worry about anything.
  • Dropbox creates instability in various apps – see this article – that can result in annoying “crashes”, which could affect Boonzi occasionally. With Boonzi Premium this problem does not occur.
  • You need to wait for the synchronization of other files you have on the Cloud to finish. With Boonzi Premium, synchronization does not take more than a second.
  • Consumes a lot of traffic in mobile networks. Whenever a record changes, the profile is updated and synchronized in their entirety, which means that every small modification results in the transfer of 200 to 300kb. With Boonzi Premium, only the modified record is changed, which consists only in a few bytes.
  • You may lose data! For example, if you change data on two computers that are offline, when you reset the connection you may have a conflict and may lose data on one computer. With Boonzi Premium this does not happen, as it was designed to be able to work both off to on the Internet.
  • It is much more complicated for novice users to configure Dropbox’s synchronization from zero compared to Boonzi Premium where all it takes is clicking a button to activate it.






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